Introduction to Breakout Scalper EA

The Breakout Scalper EA is an expert advisor designed to trade quick price breakouts in the forex market. It is developed by FRZ Software and available for the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms.

Breakout Scalper EA

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The logic behind the Breakout Scalper EA is simple – it looks at the speed of price movement to identify potential breakout opportunities. For example, if the price moves up rapidly within a short period of time, the EA recognizes it as a bullish breakout and would place a buy trade. Users can customize the exact criteria for defining breakouts in the EA settings.

How the Breakout Scalper EA Works

The Breakout Scalper EA is based on a scalping strategy that capitalizes on sudden price breakouts. Here are some key aspects of how this expert advisor works:

  • Monitors price action in short timeframes: The EA is designed to work on the 1-minute timeframe, which allows it to detect quick breakouts.
  • Identifies breakout signals: The EA has indicators that monitor price action and volatility to identify potential breakout signals. When specific criteria are met, it triggers a trade.
  • Executes breakout trades: Once a breakout is identified, the EA immediately executes a market order in the direction of the breakout. For example, if a bullish breakout is detected, a buy trade will be placed.
  • Implements risk management: The EA uses stop losses and take profit levels to manage risk on every trade. Loss amounts can be limited to prevent account drawdowns.
  • Trails prices: A trailing stop feature locks in profits as the price moves favorably. This helps secure any gains made from the breakout.

The goal is to capitalize on sudden bursts of volatility with tight risk management. Gains are captured through the rapid entries and exits.

Benefits of Using the Breakout Scalper EA

Here are some of the main benefits of the Breakout Scalper EA:

  • Takes fast trades: The scalping approach allows the EA to take advantage of short-term price movements.
  • Works on all currency pairs: The EA can trade any forex currency pair, making it flexible for use.
  • Has customizable settings: Users can tweak settings like breakout detection rules, stop loss size, take profit targets etc.
  • Implements risks controls: In-built features like stop losses help restrict losses on losing trades.
  • Requires lower capital: Scalping EAs can work with smaller account balances.
  • Has backtested results: Available backtests showcase the viability of the trading strategy.

Overall, the Breakout Scalper EA aims to efficiently capitalize on short-term volatility across currency pairs while managing risks.

Performance and Backtest Results

The developer provides backtesting statements to showcase the historical performance of the Breakout Scalper EA.

Key backtest metrics on EUR/USD from 2019-2022 include:

  • Total net profit: $6,790
  • Return on investment: 210%
  • Maximum drawdown: 18.8%
  • Win rate: 63%

These backtests indicate decent performance with the scalping breakout approach across the 4-year period. The EA was able to cumulatively generate strong returns while limiting drawdowns through its short-term trades.

It’s worth noting that past results do not guarantee future performance. Backtests just provide an indication of how the EA may perform based on historical data. Real-world results can vary based on market conditions.

Live Monitoring Results

In addition to backtests, live signal monitoring is also available for the Breakout Scalper EA. This showcases the EA’s performance in real market conditions.

One sample signal monitoring the EA on a MetaTrader 5 demo account shows the following results from December 2022 to January 2023:

  • Number of trades: 1,411
  • Percent profitable: 64%
  • Profit factor: 1.15
  • Maximum drawdown: 8.8%

These results indicate the EA is able to maintain solid profitability in live trading with risk well contained. The high number of trades also shows how the EA efficiently capitalizes on many short-term opportunities.

Monitoring provides traders transparency into the EA’s real-time performance before committing capital.

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Using the Breakout Scalper EA

Here is a step-by-step process for using the Breakout Scalper EA:

  1. Get the EA file: Download the EA file from the developer’s website or MQL marketplace.
  2. Install on platform: Copy the EA file into the Experts folder of your MetaTrader platform.
  3. Attach to chart: Drag and drop the EA onto a 1-minute chart of the currency pair you wish to trade.
  4. Configure settings: Adjust input parameters like breakout rules, stop loss size, magic number etc.
  5. Start EA: Ensure your account balance meets minimum requirements, then enable the EA’s auto trading function.
  6. Monitor trades: The EA will now monitor price action and execute breakout trades automatically based on its strategy.

Be sure to use an ECN/STP broker with raw spreads and quality order execution for the best results when running this EA. Using a virtual private server (VPS) can also help ensure uninterrupted trading.

Pros and Cons

Here are some key pros and cons of using the Breakout Scalper EA:


  • Quickly capitalizes on short-term volatility
  • Can work well with scalping trading styles
  • Backtested for verifiable performance
  • Available for purchase on MQL marketplace
  • Works on all currency pairs and timeframes


  • Needs very short-term monitoring
  • High volume of trades to manage
  • Potential overoptimization for backtests
  • Higher commission costs from frequent trading
  • Requires fast ECN broker for best results


For traders interested in taking advantage of short-term volatility, the Breakout Scalper EA provides an automated solution to scalping price breakouts across currency pairs.

Its simple logic monitors price action on short timeframes to detect bursts of momentum. By getting in and out of trades swiftly, the EA looks to capitalize on volatility while controlling risk through tight stops.

While results can vary, backtests and signal monitoring showcase the viability of the breakout scalping strategy. For traders comfortable with a high volume of trades, this EA provides a hands-off approach to systematically trading breakouts.

Just be sure to practice proper risk management, monitor performance closely, and use an ECN forex broker for best execution when running this EA.

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